Bethanie Ong
Speech Pathologist

“Each drop we drip into our children will flow into rivers of character when they come of age.” – Bethanie Ong, Speech Therapist

Bethanie believes that each child is unique, and they deserve individual attention. Originally from Singapore, Bethanie was first exposed to how children were treated differently according to their abilities during a literacy programme back home. Since then, she was inspired to work with children because she saw how much difference it would make in a person’s life if they were supported when they were young.
Having graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Honours), Bethanie was able to achieve her dream of working with children; by helping them to achieve their speech and language goals from a young age.

Bethanie is also trained in Hanen “It Takes Two To Talk”. Coupled with her ability to speak, read and write in both Mandarin and English, she can connect effectively with parents who are proficient in either of these two languages while helping their children express themselves better. Ultimately, Bethanie coaches them to be good playmates, in turn, helping them make new friends.

An avid baker, Bethanie would bake brownies and banana cakes for her parents whenever they visit from Singapore.