Handwriting : Letter Formation

Let us talk about handwriting skills; specifically, how to teach and learn letter formations! Did you know there are lots of different ways to teach and learn letter formation that does not include alphabetical order?

One of our favourites and most effective ways to teach letter formation of lower-case letters to our children is through starting shapes!! 

Let us explain further…

We categories all the letters of the alphabet into 5 starting shape groups and teach handwriting group by group. We do not move onto a new letter formation group until the first group is mastered! Our formation group categories are:

– “C” shape letters

a c d g o q

– Short stick letters

i m n r u y

– Tall stick letters

b f h j k l p t

– Diagonal letters

v w x z

– Unique letters

e s

Why do we teach letter formations this way?

This method simplifies the process of learning formation! It allows children to learn the letters that have similar motor patterns which is much more efficient than learning in alphabetical order! Formation groups highlights the importance of letter start points and starting shapes, focusing better on formation. Another huge benefit is repetition of motor skills! Through formation groups children are writing the same starting shape over and over as they move through each letter in the group.

Overall, it just makes sense!