How is your engine running??

Happy new year! Let’s start off 2023 talking about our engines - also referred to as emotional-self regulation. Our bodies are like an engine! Sometimes we can run fast (heightened), sometimes we can run slow…

Friends with our feelings

A group that promotes emotional awareness and development to encourage children and their caregivers to become friends with their feelings!

Strength and Conditioning Program

This program will be facilitated by our highly experienced Physiotherapist, James. Strength and conditioning sessions will target children in primary school and early high school age groups. Strength training is an important part of reducing…

Light Box Fun

Having trouble engaging your child? The light box is a fun and exciting way to play with colours and shapes.

Hand Splinting

We are forever experimenting and using different techniques to assist our clients with everyday tasks. Here is a splint that one of our Occupational Therapists made to create a functional pencil grasp for one of our clients.