Brittany Anderson
Speech Pathologist
  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Australian Catholic University Brisbane)
  • Member of Speech Pathology Australia

I am a happy, highly motivated, and dedicated speech therapist. My passion is working with children and their families. I specialise in speech-sound disorders, Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and have experience working with children with ASD.

I enjoy working with clients who have delayed or disordered speech and language development leading to a breakdown in communication. I strive to keep therapy fun and engaging, so that you and your child gain the most from each session. A key way that I maintain engagement is through the use of games and toys to help your child feel relaxed and content, while targeting therapy goals that have been highlighted during the assessment process this is a widely accepted and evidence-based

Early identification, assessment and intervention is vital to ensure that our children are given the best opportunities to achieve their maximum potential in communication development. An important step in your child’s development includes involving and working collaboratively with teachers, family, schools, and day-care to ensure a wholistic approach to meeting our client’s goals,
this is something I actively strive towards. I am happy to adapt to unusual situations including using technology to overcome distance and health issues.