Bernadette Prinsloo
Developmental Educator

Bernadette Prinsloo is an accredited Developmental Educator with a Master of Autism based in Central Queensland.

Developmental educators are the newest allied health providers and work closely with families and other allied health professionals to enhance the choice, social inclusion and quality of life for people with disabilities.

Developmental educators provide a range of multi-disciplinary services for people with disabilities, these can include:

· Helping families, caregivers and individuals understand the disability and the impact it will have on their lives.
· Assessing a child or young person’s development and functional behaviour.
· Case management over extended periods of time.
· Counselling and emotional support.

Bernadette can work with families to identify specific interventions personalised to the child or young person. She provides the role of a ‘coach’ for the child or young person and their family on their life journey with their disability. She has a huge range of experiences working with individuals with additional needs and is a highly respected expert in her field. She understands the world of disability being the mother of two sons with Autism as well as with her theoretical knowledge. Bernadette offers a limited service of hourly appointments via SKYPE